Essential Fighter

Demystifying Fighting

About Our Starter Program

Essential Fighter is our starter program, a 3- to 4-month journey to ignite the fighter in you!

The program is packed with self-defense techniques and an initiation to Wing Chun, an effective close-combat fighting system. You will learn over 25 core movements such as punches, kicks and elbows, 15 attacks and defenses at different ranges, and effective responses to 10 popular self-defense situations.

Beside learning foundational fighting skills, the program is designed to help students demystify fighting. Throughout their journey students come to realize that despite the chaotic and stressful nature of fighting, there are systematic and pragmatic solutions to it. And more over, that these solutions are within their reach.

As any of our programs, it is precisely structured so that our students can assimilate and retain its content with ease and track their progress.

Balanced Classes

The composition of a standard class is 1/3 self defense, 1/3 martial arts, and 1/3 fitness and conditioning. The self-defense portion quickly provides you tools to respond to common situations, while the martial arts piece teaches you principles and skills to adapt to changing situations. Finally, the fitness and conditioning part is meant for you to develop the health and energy to practice.

The Mood

Our classes are meant to be fun, without pressure or judgement — only encouragements. We train in a friendly and respectful environment under the supervision of seasoned instructors.


We run group classes at least twice a week and private classes most week afternoons and evenings, and weekends. You can access the live schedule here.

Knowing Your Aims

We have taken a data-driven approach to teaching martial arts so that our students can set their own goals and know exactly where they are in the program — we have an app for that! You will gain access to it as soon as you enroll.

From day one, everything is clearly laid out in front of you. So there is NO wondering about what was learnt and what needs to be learnt or polished to reach to the next milestone.


See our group and private training plans here.