STAND OUT is a professional and innovative martial arts school offering precisely-engineered self-defense and Wing Chun programs for you to become an intelligent fighter, ready to take on everyday life’s challenges with enhanced...


TriBeCa | 380 Broadway | (646) 397-0408

Why Train with Us

  • Professional Instructors

    Our instructors are not only brilliant martial artists, they are trained at teaching methodically.

  • Clear Goals

    Students start on a clear path with reachable goals to learn the vast Chun Wing curriculum.

  • You Count

    Every student gets the same attention.

  • Prime Location

    At the crossroad of many subway lines, in one of the most refined neighborhoods of NYC.

  • Transparent Pricing

    Our prices are available for everyone to see. See below.

  • No Contract

    Worry free. Start and stop as you wish.

  • Trial Class

    Give us try without spending much.

  • App to Track Progress

    We are serious about giving you visibility on your progress. We have an app for that.

Enhance Body & Mind

The Building Blocks of Our Classes

  • Learn and practice down-to-earth, life-saving defense techniques against today's common street attacks. They will become second nature.

  • Learn the principles and body mechanics of a renowned fighting system, Wing Chun. Adapt to your opponents and defeat them regardless of their strength and speed.

  • Progressively build a healthier body and mind. Condition yourself to handle stressful situations, even tired.

Learn about our starter program: Essential Fighter.

Group Training

Unlimited Pass

Starter program - $129 / month
Other programs - $145 / month

  • Access to all regular, group classes
  • One S.O Fighter uniform (T-shirt)
  • Regular personal progress reviews
  • Preferred rates for private training
  • Worry free: stop at anytime

Private Training

1-on-1 Class

Trial: $59 | Five: $595 | Ten: $990

Corporate Events

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Get Started

Take on the challenge.

Win Against Everyday Life's Challenges

Rod, Head Instructor & Founder

    "I have always been passionate about teaching. Seeing students progress and get above the bar they set for themselves, is one of the greatest feelings I have experienced.

    With STAND OUT, my goal is to imprint on my students a fighting logic and skills for the streets, and more importantly, for everyday life's challenges — help them grow a confidence- and perseverance-coated skin that shields them from bad hits while progressing towards their goals. Ultimately, stand out against all odds."

    — Rod Berger, Head Instructor & Founder

    Today, Rod proudly teaches at Sifu Alex Richter's City Wing Tsun, one of NYC's leading Wing Tsun schools. He studied there Grandmaster Yip Man's Wing Chun, and graduated as a 2nd-Level Technician.

  • Jeremy A.

    Great instructor. The class is a modern view of the martial art. Instructor is very attentive and make you feel like you have almost a private session. In summary, it's a great class - good workout.

  • Sophie J.

    Awesome! As a complete beginner I had two classes with the intro pass and I will definitely come back. I tried several martial arts classes and this one seems finally to fit with me. Good vibes, the teacher was nice and accurate while demonstrating the techniques and advanced students very friendly and helpful. Also a good workout!

  • Julia D.

    Great school of martial arts ! Rod is a very good teacher who helps me to build up my self confidence in every day challenges.

  • Florent L.

    Great class, good pace, and the instructor is professional and patient.

  • Anders L.

    Rod is a very dedicated and passionate instructor whose enthusiasm is contagious.

  • Marbar NYC

    Rod is a great instructor with excellent attention to detail. Whatever your level, he will give you the direction you need to push yourself to the next level. Give it a try, you'll be wanting more!

Bright & Spacious

Located in NYC's TriBeCa

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380 Broadway, 5th Floor New York, NY 10013 A,C,E,N,Q,R,W,J,Z,1,6 trains at Canal St (646) 397-0408 text/call desk@standout.nyc @standoutnyc IG

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